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Put Power Back In The Hands Of Creators

Grow Your Audience

The best way is to catch surprise spikes in consumer interest, which are like little sparks, and instantly fuel them with demographically targeted promotions

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But most content creators are cut off from the data they need. And those that have it might rely on a team of ten to manage 10,000 songs or hundreds of podcasts. It’s impossible to keep up.


Westcott puts power back into content owners’ hands by taking in massive, global data streams and identifying the best real-time opportunities for catalog owners to drive streams, get on playlists, and find new audiences.

Still Life with a Guitar



People First – Create and sustain kind and authentic connections that foster a culture in which our employees, customers, and partners can collectively benefit and thrive. 

Accessible Learning – Support different learning styles by making information available and expressed through gamification, animation, written word, audio, and video.

Communicate Through Story – Improve marketing decisions through data that clearly communicates the cultural drivers behind why people connect with music.

Human Integration – Design transparent data systems that incorporate relevant human analysis to ensure insights and patterns are free of bias and rooted in reality.

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