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Shift the paradigm of  promotion in the music industry


We provide music rights holders access to hyper-targeted programmatic advertising in order to drive recording, publishing, ticketing, and merchandise revenue.

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The average music rights holders has 1000 songs in their catalog and a 10 person team. No human can monitor and react to organic spikes in attention across all of their songs, at any moment in time. 


Raise the average amount of revenue made per artist per track across your entire  music catalog.

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People First – Create and sustain kind and authentic connections that foster a culture in which our employees, customers, and partners can collectively benefit and thrive. 

Accessible Learning – Support different learning styles by making information available and expressed through gamification, animation, written word, audio, and video.

Communicate Through Story – Improve marketing decisions through data that clearly communicates the cultural drivers behind why people connect with music.

Human Integration – Design transparent data systems that incorporate relevant human analysis to ensure insights and patterns are free of bias and rooted in reality.


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Kristin Grant, Founder.

"Westcott is an evolution of my experiences in the music industry from my time at Next Big Sound, to marketing Barrington Levy's Grammy nominated album, working as an entertainment analyst, managing global playlist strategies at Universal Music to writing about the intersection of technology and music as a contributor in Forbes. I think music is the heart rate monitor of culture and when it spikes we pay attention."

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Zach Kramer, Full Stack Engineer.

"I've worn many hats in the realms of both music and technology. From performer, to educator, to designer, to devleoper...I've always enjoyed taking on highly creative and technical roles. Now, working with Westcott has allowed me to combine my two greatest passions and build a revolutionary tool for the music industry at large, and I couldn't be more excited."

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Andre Gill, Business Development.

"I co-founded a previous music-education start-up called Playgrounds. Ran business development at NYU Music Labs."


Ty Roberts

CTO, Universal Music Group

CEO, Grace Note, music metadata software

Ed Ginis

CEO, Open Play, catalogue management software

CTO, Codex, High Frequency Trading Software

Shaun Klopfenstein

CTO, Marketo, Automated Marketing Platform acquired by Adobe